“I don’t think anyone wakes up one day and says ‘I want to invent something,’ I think it just happens when opportunity and preparedness meet and you act on it.”  – Harry Schroeder, Inventor of the EZ-Sit

A simple request for help offered me the chance to connect dots from throughout a lifetime of innovative thinking, experimentation, hard work and a deep desire to help others.

Together with my wife Mary, I am excited to bring my invention, the EZ-Sit, to market and I hope the EZ-Sit will help increase independence and dignity for a mobility challenged people.

Together with my wife Mary, we are excited to bring our invention to market and we hope the new chair apparatus that adds arms to arm less chairs, EZ-Sit will help increase independence and dignity for anyone who has difficulty rising from an arm less chair.



I grew up on a farm until age 21. We didn’t have much money on the farm, so we repaired, made and improvised our own tools and machinery. I learned to be creative at a young age and my work ethic was formed in these years.

In my late 20’s, Mary and I joined a “network” marketing company. We learned confidence to act on our dreams as well as people skills, finances, bookkeeping and business ethics.

Soon, we moved our young family across the country to be resident general managers at a Sea-Tac Airport-based motel. We sold our house, furniture, everything in committing to work in Seattle, learning fortitude as we made an all-new new start. I gained knowledge about running a very large business, managing employees, scheduling, balancing budgets. In two years we transformed the motel, making it very profitable for the first time. The company could now sell the property for a substantial amount. This is back in the late ‘80’s and I think we were the first hospitality business to give homemade cookies at check in. Customers kept coming back. Several heard about us and asked “is this the place with cookies?”

Years later I took a job in Milwaukee, WI, where we didn’t know anyone. The job fell through two weeks before moving. We still decided to move and needed work, so we started a cleaning business, learning from another couple we knew. We placed only one ad “Professional husband and wife cleaning team, some openings left.” Within three months our schedule filled, as one client after another referred us. As we cleaned we could see where the homes needed repairs. With our solid client base, we formed a corporation as a contractor/handyman business.

Jerry’s simple request “Can you help me?” and my response, “Of course that’s what I do,” provided the inspiration for the EZ-Sit. Jerry, a long-time client, asked specifically if I could build something portable he could take to restaurants to help him stand up from armless chairs.